Planning a 2018 Birthday!

A little birthday party planning, anyone?  As you may know, Robert Pattinson is turning 32 in May! As fans, we have raised a great deal of money over the years to celebrate and do some good in the world. Thank you so much to everyone who has supported and celebrated Rob with us!

In the past several years, we have supported a wonderful organization, the Go Campaign due to Rob’s involvement with them. ICYMI, he is one of their ambassadors.

However, we know fans may want to switch it up a little. Ergo, we’re popping up a bit earlier than you may expect so you can chime in. Make your voices heard!

I’m including a poll in this post. You may want to support Go again, you may see something else that looks awesome but either way, please let us know and be ready to send a couple bucks that way from approximately mid April through Rob’s birthday.

Every charity included in the poll is one that Rob has supported but feel free to click other or comment if you have other great ideas. Keep it fun, keep it generous, keep it kind!

We love you. We know there’s a lot of ways you could make the world a little better and we really appreciate all of you who choose to do so in this fun way!


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Friday Recap!

Rob’s message and a new matching donor!

Wow, what a week. At the time of writing this, Rob fans have donated over $7800 to help refugee girls through Girlforward. Thank you Rob fans!


Earlier this week, many Rob fans received an email from GO Campaign founder Scott Fifer which contained a special message from Rob! Wow!



Today we have a new $500 matching donor. From 9am EDT (1pm UTC) Friday, May 12 to 9am EDT (1pm UTC) Saturday, May 13, all donations will be matched up to $500!  If you can, now is a great time to donate.


Rob and GO Campaign founder Scott Fifer at the 2014 GO GO Gala.

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New Matching Donor!

We have a $400 matching donor for 48 hours starting soon. This is a great way to double your donation! Our donor will match all donations made between 5pm EDT (9pm UTC) Friday, April 28, and 5pm EDT (9pm UTC) Sunday, April 30 up to $400.



Let’s send April out with an explosion of support for refugee girls!


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2017 Rob Birthday Project Campaign has begun!

Our Rob’s Birthday campaign has begun and runs from April 19 through May 31st. Wow what a start! We are already up to $1001 in donations and have had two matching donors. Thank you Rob fans!

8th Annual GO Campaign Gala - Inside

This year we are proud to help GO Campaign support Girlforward, which empowers adolescent refugee girls in the United States.  We are hoping to raise $23,000 for Girlforward in our Rob’s Birthday and Go Gala campaigns this year. Find out about Girlforward here, and on the donation page.


Photo by Glenn Glasser for Readers Digest

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Thank You Rob Fans!







Rob’s Birthday Project would like to thank each and every person that donated this year. Rob fans you are AMAZING!  Through your generosity, GO Campaign will be able to help hundreds of children in need. We are so proud!


Thank you to everyone who offered matching donations and donated prizes for the giveaways!  Thanks also to all the fansites for so many tweets and posts that helped spread the word.


And finally thank you to the staff at GO Campaign for their help and advice!

See you next year, Rob fans!

Rob’s Birthday Project staff – Nancy,  Joy, and Annie


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November 1st Matching Donor!



A generous donor will match all donations  between 9am EDT (1pm UTC) Tuesday,  November 1st, and 9am (1pm Wed UTC), Wednesday, November 2, up to $300!

Please help if you can, GO Campaign improves the lives of so many children in need worldwide!


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New Edward Funko Pop Giveaway!


Donate to GO Campaign this week and enter our drawing, and you could be the lucky winner of this Edward Cullen Funko POP!  Here’s what you need to do to enter: Email us at with your donation confirmation dated 10/24-10/27 (no payment info please). Winners will be chosen at random.

We’re $8,385 away from meeting our $30,000 for Rob’s 30th birthday goal!

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