Why we chose GO Campaign and the School of Hope

Rob and GO Campaign founder Scott Fifer at the 2014 GO GO Gala.

Rob and GO Campaign founder Scott Fifer at the 2014 GO GO Gala.

Our Robert Pattinson Birthday Project staff thought we’d share with you our reasons for choosing GO Campaign and the School of Hope.

From staffer N.C.

I love the idea of supporting the GO Campaign and more specifically the School of Hope project in honor of Rob’s 29th birthday. As a Rob fan one of the things I love about him is his philanthropic endeavors & the quiet way he goes about supporting such great charities like the GO Campaign. Another thing I love about Rob is how he sees the world with such optimism and hope. It seemed perfect that we donate to a cause dear to Rob & the project, School of Hope, in his name. As a Rob fan I can think of no better way to celebrate Rob on his birthday by helping others in his name.

From staffer A.S.

Choosing GO Campaign seemed like a no-brainer. It’s the charity Rob has shown the most support for by far.  After learning about it, I liked that they worked with local people to help kids in ways that would work best for them and their communities.

When the idea came up to support the School of Hope specifically, I liked the idea of supporting an education project. I’ve always believed education can provide the most opportunities and choices in life.

From staffer E.J.

Like many Rob fans, I had not heard of GO Campaign until Rob attended their gala in 2013. As I looked into who they are and what they do, a few things stood out. First, I loved that 100% of their donations go toward projects and their local heroes working to make a difference.  Second, I was really impressed with Rob’s genuine involvement (from both galas and also the set visit that raised money for a school) and the involvement of others close to him. Finally, every time I’ve donated personally, it’s been easy & they’ve been great. When it came time to decide who we would support, our choice was relatively easy.  What a chance we have to make a genuine difference!  GO may be well known to our community of fans but it is not a large organization. Our support in $ and in getting the word out could make a huge difference for this smaller yet worthy organization. Finally, we had a great suggestion on Twitter (thanks Candy!) to pick one specific project of GO’s current projects to support. We chose the School of Hope because we saw their project was only around 50% funded at the time plus it was similar to the project Rob supported with his Breaking Dawn set visit. In addition to this, it appealed to me that as a fandom of primarily women, we could help provide education for girls in Cambodia. I’ve always felt that one should never pass up the chance to do good. As a community of fans, we have a great excuse to do good! What a difference a donation of any amount can do for someone else when we do this together. Together we can accomplish wonderful things and have a little fun celebrating Rob turning 29!

Well said, everyone! We’ll have more about GO Campaign and the School of Hope soon, in the meantime, you can go to their website to learn about their mission and much more.

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