A visit to the School of Hope

The Robert Pattinson Birthday Project team is hoping to complete funding for the GO Campaign’s School of Hope project. On the GO Campaign’s blog there is an interesting entry written by a donor who visited the school in 2010. It talks about the Cham people and the need for the school. It also has a description of the school and once of the classes. Here’s an excerpt:

Osman spoke about the Cham’s enormous losses under Pol Pot, the absence of virtually an entire generation as well as the deeply entrenched poverty was apparent when we visited two rural Cham villages.  What struck us most about the villagers who received us, however, was their abundant generosity.  When we asked how we might help, they invariably suggested support for the least fortunate families in the village.  It was one such conversation with Osman himself on the journey back to Phnom Penh that planted the seeds for the Spring of Hope School.

You can read the entire entry here.

Our goal this week is to raise 10 donations of $29 for Rob’s 29th birthday, each day, however, every dollar helps children around the world.  Please donate if you can, and remember to dedicate your donation in honor of Rob. 

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