Throwback Thursday – The Home That Twilight Built



In November, 2010, Rob donated a Breaking Dawn set visit for GO Campaign to auction. It sold for an amazing $80,ooo and completely funded the building of a school for girls in Cambodia. Here is an article from GO Campaign’s May 2012 newsletter, telling about the recently completed school.


The Home that Twilight Built When Robert Pattinson donated a “meet and greet” on the set of Twilight: Breaking Dawn to support our 2010 GO GO Gala, we knew the online auction would have an impact on young lives for years to come. Thanks to Breaking Dawn, we were breaking ground with Life and Hope Association (LHA) in Cambodia on a new home for their Program Advancing Girls’ Education (PAGE) – a program for at-risk girls who have demonstrated scholastic aptitude and commitment to higher learning. We’re thrilled to report that construction of the two new houses – affectionately dubbed “The Home that Twilight Built” – was completed in April 2012. 

PAGE not only provides for all of the girls’ needs during high school (housing, food, education, medical care, counseling), but also gives them the opportunity for college scholarships or vocational training once they graduate. The facility where the girls used to live was surrounded by slums, exposed to floods and rampant disease-carrying mice, suffered from lack of security, cramped quarters and limited funds for nutritious meals.


Currently, there are 15 girls in the program. The larger facility provides space to establish a small vegetable garden to aid in the girls’ nutrition and has allowed LHA to increase the number of girls benefitting from the program to 25. The recruitment process of the new PAGE students is well underway; LHA staff are seeking highly motivated individuals who desire to continue their education but who were forced to drop out of school to support their families. To date, there are six PAGE alumni who are currently enrolled in university studies as a direct result of the support and encouragement they received from PAGE.


The girls didn’t know who R-Pattz was before this grant, but apparently they did some research because now they have his photo taped on the wall of their new home. Anyone going to Cambodia is invited to drop in and visit!

Never underestimate Rob fans!  This week we’re hoping to raise ten $29 donations each day to help give opportunities to kids around the world. Every dollar helps. Please donate in honor of Rob to celebrate his 29th birthday. 

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