Weekly Update – $65 to change a life

$3,221 for a grand total of $5,902!

Look! Rob (probably) thinks this is awesome!


We are thrilled to have met our $2900 goal for this week. Thank you to everyone who donated! Way to go Rob fans!  We’re not done yet, though:

To date, GO Campaign has invested $3,779,102 in projects worldwide, having a direct impact on 58,235 orphans and vulnerable children. On average, that’s $65.00 to change a life.

Will you change a life with a $65 donation to GO Campaign in honor of Rob’s birthday? Our goal is completely fund the School of Hope by May 13th. We have 20 days. Rob fans can do it together! This weekend, April 24th through 27th, two fans will match all donations up to $500 dollars!  $65 becomes $195. Awesome, right? Of course, every dollar makes a difference, so please, give what you can today.

Be sure to dedicate your donation in honor of Robert Pattinson to be included in the matching donations.


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