Update and a new raffle!




We have a new grand total 




We’re helping so many kids!  Thank you Rob fans!  We’re excited to announce a new raffle from The Brit Pack – OB:


Today through Sunday May 3rd, you can enter to win the prize pack shown above. All proceeds will be donated to the GO Campaign’s School of Hope in honor of Rob’s birthday.  Check their Facebook page for details!  Don’t forget about our own Giveaway and the giveaways from our wonderful fan site supporters.

We have a donor matching donations from today, May 1st, through Thursday, May 6th, up to $1000!   A $75 donation can provide the salary for a teacher at the School of Hope for two weeks  If we meet the matching goal we can provide a teacher’s salary for an entire year!  Every dollar will help. See our How to Donate page for details. Please dedicate your donation in honor of Rob to be included in the matching donation. You all rock! 


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