Yay 13K! There’s more to come!

Wow, wow, wow! When we here at Rob’s Birthday Project saw that our $13,000 goal had been met with more than a week to go, we could not EVEN.




Then, we were so excited!


Then, we were filled with love and gratitude for our wonderful fandom. Rob fans are the best!


Should we stop at $13,000, Rob?


We don’t think so either! We discussed it with GO Campaign and have decided to set a new goal of $17,000 for Rob’s Birthday Project. They are also extending the campaign through May 15. 

From GO Campaign’s Robert Pattinson Birthday Campaign page:

You guys are AMAZING!!!  We have BLOWN DOORS off of our $13,000 goal, and in response to your urging, we are INCREASING our goal from $13,000 to $17,000 and EXTENDING our campaign for TWO WEEKS!!!  So please continue to spread the word and join in the fun so that we can show Rob how much we love him as he enters his third decade!!!

We have more fun coming up next week coughgiveawayscough, and are ready to do what we can to meet our new goal and help give more kids opportunities for better lives!



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